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Here, you will find some information that you need to know pertaining to the changes that are occurring on Earth. Humanity is making a giant leap in progress towards evolution and to be living in such an exciting time is truly amazing.

The Cosmos The Cosmos

Although it is important to understand the changes that are occurring around us, it is not as simple as learning something that is new. It involves the questioning of our beliefs, beliefs that have been deeply embedded within us since birth and there will be a shift in paradigm, one in which will make you wonder in disbelief and also instill in you a sense of excitement.

It is a challenge for humanity to embrace and adapt to the reality of the New Age and it is a challenge for me to as best as possible explain the changes to you by imparting to you knowledge and truths of a higher nature.

The time has come for us to stop being preoccupied with only making money or the pursuing of material wealth but to learn more about ourselves, the meaning and purpose of life and to understand and embrace spirituality like never before for that is where one can truly find happiness.

You might have become aware of the increasing number of natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes, occurring during this past decade.

You might have noticed the increase in occurrences of strange phenomena during these past few years, some of which are truly unbelievable.

You might have noticed the drastic increase in UFO sightings.

You might have questions left unanswered such as how did the United States of America incurred such a huge debt, one that seems will never be repaid?

There are many questions, what exactly is going on in the world?

Here are more events leading to even more questions.

The winter seems to get exceptionally cold. The seasons are at times too often happening out of synchronicity with established period.

In the animal kingdom, species that used to thrive are fast becoming extinct! It's happening way too rapidly.

There is the problem of global warming, a disaster we were led to believe we created by emitting too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. How true is this?

There are rumors, prophecies and predictions of Doomsday and End of the World occurring during 2012. Are they real? What is the basis of such a claim?

There are many reports and coverage of extraterrestrials in the media and in the news. Are aliens real?

All these questions and topics are being hotly discussed and debated throughout the world like never before.

But how true are these "supposedly" rumors and occurrence of strange events?

If you have been busy working and listen only to news shown on television or on radio, you will be amazed at what you will find here.

In the "Awakening course", I will give you step by step in a non-religious manner, information that has largely been disregarded or misinformed by mainstream media and I will show you with reasoning that some of the things which have been labeled "pseudo" and "conspiracy" actually contains truth.

I will also provide you with information and truth that can only be found in the alternative media, where mainstream media, controlled by the Powers That Be, do not want you to know.

To truly believe something that is new, or one that is a claim, requires at least another independent source of evidence to support its validity.

The information here is to facilitate as such, to bring together the work of others or to show you information from another independent source, sometimes in the form of references, to prove to you an assertion or a claim of truth. It is similar to a non-fiction book.

Embracing the New Age Embracing the New Age -Photo by Cheryl Empey

My goal is to help you understand the truth, and also to provide you with information pertaining to the changes as we progress more fully into the Age of Aquarius, also known as the Golden Age or the Age of Enlightenment.

My work is based on my own analysis and also by referring to the work of others to illustrate to you different points. I will ensure that the information given to you is as accurate as possible. However I do not guarantee that everything contained herein this website is absolutely correct and factual.

As you go through the information here, you might encounter things that you do not have any idea about for example the background of a person that you have never heard of. If you felt you need to know more, you are encouraged to find out more about it elsewhere on the web such as from Wikipedia.

There will be occasions when you need to do more research on your own pertaining to a particular subject.

Please use discernment while you read, accept only information that resonates with you and keep an open mind to those that do not.

Do know that if the Powers That Be are still in control, not everything presented to you in the mainstream news are showing you the truth. Also know that not everything written in Wikipedia can be believed. Long established scientific theories, even though they have been written in textbooks and taught, can be incorrect or outdated. This includes whatever that is in our education system.

I will do the best of my ability to show you that the New Age is here and it is crucial that we expand our consciousness by knowing what is going on, by knowing the truth and to understand the higher nature of our reality so that we can better make decisions, decisions that will truly set us free during this special and exciting time in our galaxy.


Overview - New Age of Aquarius
An overview on the influence of dark forces on earth.
The Financial Deception - New Age of Aquarius
The Federal Reserve system is a fraud created to serve the agenda of the Dark Ones.
Money - New Age of Aquarius
Money has been used by the dark forces as a tool for control.
Depopulation - New Age of Aquarius
The dark forces have an agenda to depopulate the earth.
Health - New Age of Aquarius
The dark forces have always worked to destroy our health.
Poisons in Food and Drinks - New Age of Aquarius
Chemicals, toxins and poisons are intentionally added into our food supply.
Education - New Age of Aquarius
Our education system are designed to serve the agenda of the Dark Ones.
Media - New Age of Aquarius
Our media are being controlled to implement mind control over the populace.
Law - New Age of Aquarius
The legal system are largely controlled by the dark forces to work in their favor.
Global Warming - New Age of Aquarius
Man-made global warming is a fraud fabricated by the Dark Ones to serve their agenda.
Black Operations - New Age of Aquarius
Black Operations and Black Projects are the activities which the Dark Ones do not want you to know.
Abuse of Technology - New Age of Aquarius
The dark forces are brutal and ruthless in their use of technology.
Biological Warfare - New Age of Aquarius
Biological weapons are a part of the depopulation agenda.
Wars - New Age of Aquarius
Wars are instigated and supported by dark forces.
The Two Power Elites - New Age of Aquarius
The two power elites of the dark forces are the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers.
Spiritual Awakening - New Age of Aquarius
Begin your path to Spiritual Awakening. Introducing the Law of Polarity, also known as Duality or Dualism.
Scientific Development - New Age of Aquarius
Here we take a look at humanity's progress in scientific development and also the connection between science and spirituality.
2012 Prophecy - New Age of Aquarius
What is the 2012 prophecy all about? You shall find the truth here.
Human Body Limits - New Age of Aquarius
Let's explore the human body limits and potential. You will be amazed.
Human Mind Potential - New Age of Aquarius
Exploring Mind Potential. Within the mind there exist the subconscious mind and within the subconscious, one can find the soul.
New Age Spirituality - New Age of Aquarius
New age spirituality is about knowing the truth. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.
Psychic Abilities - New Age of Aquarius
We can better understand psychic abilities by referring to psychics that existed in history.
Remote Viewing - New Age of Aquarius
Remote viewing has revealed many interesting information. Let's look at some of this information.
Do Aliens Exist? Proof of Aliens - New Age of Aquarius
Do aliens exist? Information from various independent sources indicate that the answer is YES.
Dark Forces - New Age of Aquarius
Here you will begin to learn and understand the dark forces that have molded and shaped much of our modern society.
Reptilian Agenda - New World Order - New Age of Aquarius
The evil Reptilian agenda to create a New World Order is in motion, but they will fail because you have become aware of it.
Forces of Light - New Age of Aquarius
Introducing you to the real forces of light.
Galactic Federation of Light - New Age of Aquarius
Here you will find information on the Galactic Federation of Light, the benevolent force of the galaxy. This is real.
Age of Aquarius - New Age of Aquarius
Earth is moving fully into the Age of Aquarius. It is a time known as the Golden Age or the Age of Enlightenment.
Revelation of God - New Age of Aquarius
These are the times, through the revelation of God and higher beings, where the truth about our reality will be widely known.
Questions and Answers - New Age of Aquarius
Here you will find questions and answers that are important such as the question on the purpose of life.
Hollow Earth - New Age of Aquarius
Just like the Earth was known to be flat but is in fact round, now we have another one. The Hollow Earth theory is correct.
Vibration - Nature of Reality - New Age of Aquarius
Everything is vibrations in one form or another.
Illusion - Nature of Reality - New Age of Aquarius
We know our reality is real. But it is also an illusion.
Synchronicity - New Age of Aquarius
If coincidences felt strange and significant, it is synchronicity at work. An example is the frequent appearance of the quadruple numbers 1111.

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